Budapest Visions



There is no doubt Budapest is a really beautiful city. Moreover, let me be a little biased: Budapest is one of the world's most appealing cities. Why am I telling you? Because occasionally I have to remind myself how lucky I am to live here.

I have to remind myself, however that that is how we are: because it is easy to become complacent, especially if you were born here. I grew up here, and I am ashamed sometimes, that I really can only appreciate how dissimilar Budapest is to other cities when I return from a long holiday. Probably you have already experienced this feeling: you get off the plane - you are still in a completely different of state of mind - and the city, thought to be well known, the city is which you live, reveals a completely different face. That is how I am with Budapest. Upon my return I am always shocked from the beauty of luminous buildings and bridges. These occasions fill me with pride, that I live in a city where the relief is so diverse with its greenery and water. It's a beautiful feeling that I'm not living in an inhuman metropolis, but literally a people friendly city.

However, at times the city isn't diverging, but "changing-gear", which allows me to find the right perspective. When I'm not in a rush to get anywhere, just walking around leisurely, then a similar feeling, as previously mentioned, possesses me. Walking along the streets, admiring the buildings, it always comes to my mind that the houses, the little streets and shops after decades have passes, are still able to surprise. I see details as I have never seen them before, probably because, indeed I hadn't seen them at all. Like during rush hour, sitting in front of the steering wheel in traffic, who has got the time to watch the facades of the houses, the trees of the squares and the curls of the water down the Danube? And that isn't right! For us, the lucky ones living in Budapest, we not only have to love, but respect and most importantly, know this beautiful city.
I had a vision and I already know the solution to this "problem": they should organise special tourist trips to Budapest - for us, Budapestians. I can already see it, walking with you, together we stroll down the avenues of the city; together we wander to many interesting and beautiful places of interest and learn as much as we can as we meander along.
Well, until this vision of mine comes true, you need to amble with eyes and mine wide open. Take as many snapshots as you can and if is possible show them to us, how you see this city through your eyes. Don't forget that your pictures are only an email away.